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The Brazilian surf town you have to visit

The Brazilian surf town you have to visit

Already the drive to this city is full of charm with a warm welcome from the Atlantic forest, which is characterized by a high species diversity and endemism.

The Vila Barracuda hotel is situated on the main street of Itacaré with a beautiful view to a natural bay in front of the city. This beautiful boutique hotel not only gives the feeling of being home, but also combines the warmth of the Brazilian coast with its delicious cuisine and a touch of Swedish design, which makes it an unique place to stay.

 The main activity in Itacaré besides fishing is surfing. One can surf in 5 of the 6 beaches next to city and there are about 4 more surf breaks in a 20 minutes distance by car.

Almost all the beaches are covered by volcanic sand and rocks, which definitely makes the vibe of this town special.

Surfing at Easy Drop

The waves were huge and the channel to go to the outside was closed, but we all had a lot of fun training some curves in the foam. The surf instructors team takes surfing very seriously and take care that the students are having very good basis from the beginning. So if they see you are doing something that is not helping you on the board they will not hesitate to tell you.

 Every surf session is being filmed and after is reviewed at the Easy drop classroom, in the video you can see how you can improve and your best waves of the day.

 This little paradise on the Brazilian coast is a great place for eco-sports like hiking to the different beaches and waterfalls and rafting on the main river.

Skateboarding = Asphalt Surfing

Skateboarding = Asphalt Surfing