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My experience in a WASTE FREE stay

My experience in a WASTE FREE stay

If you have been following me on Instagram you can see that I try more and more to have an environmental friendly lifestyle. Although i like to travel and I have to travel for work. I do believe we can strive to do it in a better way for the environment. I don’t believe in stop traveling, because travel brings us knowledge of different cultures and people. 

With all these thoughts on mind I have been searching for eco or environmental friendly  accommodations wherever I go. This time in Siargao I found  Lokal Stay. This stay is part of a bigger sustainable project in the north part of the island, Burgos, that has the aim to create a sustainable community. They have a Lokal market (or Tabo-an in the local language) where the local farmers can sell their products at a fair price, they have the Lokal coffee shop, where they have food from the region, they also have waving classes with a traditional local technique and finally they are building a sustainable fish market with a fish bar. All these projects are been made to keep the community closer and to make it sustainable for everyone. 

The Lokal Stay 

The aim for the stay is that the visitors are able to enjoy nature without damaging it. That means to live as environmental friendly as possible. The rooms are design having the traditional philippine housing as inspiration. They don’t have an A/C but you don’t even need it. The natural airflow of the room and the ventilator will keep you fresh during your stay. The bathroom is toilet paper free, encouraging the use of the bumgun. In the shared kitchen you can find local produced ingredients such as coconut oil, salt with garlic and species, coconut flakes and roasted garlic salt. 

People can enjoy the sustainable community on the island

The Idea of the lokal stay is also to take part in the community by going to the farm or taking part on the traditional waving classes. The aim of lokal is that people can enjoy the sustainable community on the island with responsible tourism, so the biodiversity of the Island grows and more people get to enjoy it. 

My favorite things at the Lokal Stay 

Besides been a waste free stay. One of my favorite things was their location. Lokal Stay is in the Jungle with a nice little river running next to the houses. This makes the experience completely different and relaxing, you can also enjoy the nature. At night you can hear the birds and the frogs singing and have a dinner under the stars in the shared kitchen. The hole ecosystem is working and makes it enjoyable for everyone. 

Practice yoga next to the palm trees, flowers and hearing the water of the river

Our room had a little terrace where we could also practice yoga next to the palm trees, flowers and hearing the water of the river. Check out my instagram stories, to see how beautiful it was. 

The waste free bathroom.

Yes it can be definitely scary to use a toilet without toilet paper. But as soon as you get used to it,  you will not miss it at all. Also they encourage women to use the menstrual cup, which I personally think is one of the best inventions ever. For the Shampoo and soap, I used a hard shampoo from ecobar and locally made soaps from Good Karma Naturals. 

Why you should stay here if you come to Siargao?

Why not! hahah, this place is just beyond beautiful and you can enjoy a peaceful time on the island without the hassle of the other towns (General Luna and Dapa) If you are a surfer like me, there are good surf breaks to explore right in front of Lokal stay (inner tubes) A few more in the next town (bay bay) and of course a incredible break in Pacifico only 10 mins away by bike. 


You will experience the true island living and have a first hand experience in the jungle. The architecture of the houses is perfect for you to enjoy everything hassle free. 

If I woke up your interest in this place don’t hesitate to book over airbnb or booking

Enjoy the jungle life! 

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