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Why we surf <3 Morocco

Why we surf <3 Morocco

The day arrived when the waves, the surfing board and I started our romance again. The meeting point was Tamraght, a little village in the south of Morocco, close to Agadir.

I planned our trip with our friends from @labellavitamorocco.

Lahoucine, our amazing surf guide, picked us at the airport, and brought us to The Riad in Tamraght. A Riad is a hotel where kings used to arrive during their travels. There is a beautiful swimming pool at the center.

The next day, we went directly to check the waves at the spot that is probably my favorite: K12. The beach was perfect, sunny, 18°C in the water and beautiful waves. It took me a while to get used to the waves again, the wipeouts and the strength of the ocean; however, I finally let the fear go, and I could surf again.

We visited different surf spots, and every morning we looked for the best ones.

The first Sunday we went to Misouane, a little bay were the longest wave in Africa has its home. The landscape was marvelous on our way there. The waves were more than fantastic! Unfortunately,  there were a lot of people: too crowded for me. But getting to the line-up was easy. You can walk next to the rocks on the right side and wait until the set has past and easy paddle out. Don't try to paddle back after riding a wave, the current is super strong and you will only get tired. 

It was an incredible experience to be able to ride a wave for 1 minute, and an incredible experience to be in this Bay. After surfing, we ate some fresh fish and went back home.

The waves were actually small for the area of Essaouira the first week, so I had a lot of fun until they got really big, too big, I would say. One of the days that the waves were too big, we went to do some sand surfing on some dunes we spotted on the way to Misouane. 

The famous spots in the area were working perfectly. Anker point, Banana point, Boilers, Dracula, La Source, and Spiders.

It was super fun to visit Paradise Valley which is similar to an oasis formed by one river flowing close to Tamraght. The dates trees are the main characters of this beautiful green paradise surrounded by a little canyon. Definitely worth seeing it!

 The Hammam

If you go to Morocco, you have to go to a Hammam. It is one of the oldest rituals for body cleansing that exist nowadays.

It consists of a steam bath where you get rid of dead skin. It is a place for loving your body and yourself, where you get the time and space to treat your body with organ soap, masks, and a good scrub. The scrubbing can be done by yourself or you can hire a professional scrubber for 50 dirhams. A woman comes and scrubs your beautiful body with organ soap with a massage included.

 Leila and Lahoucine were in charge of everything: the food was delicious, home made Tajins and Pasta, and they made the best effort to show me the nicest and more authentic part of Morocco. 

 Stay tuned for the second part of this adventure!

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