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6 reasons why you should visit Siargao

6 reasons why you should visit Siargao

Although Siargao is already quite well known to the surf world, there still some who do not know about this beautiful Paradise.

1 Surf and more surf

This stunning Island on the Pacific has great surf spots for beginners and experienced surfers. Although all the breaks are reef breaks, the waves are very mellow and easy to surf, making your beginner experience quite enjoyable. As an experienced surfer, you can have many spots to choose from, from heavy barrels to long rides.

2 The sunrises – they make you wake up early just to catch them

The colours, the ocean and the peace come together at 5.15 am, no matter if you are on the beach, already paddling out to catch the first waves or just enjoying it from your window. The sunrises on the island are magical, it gently invites you to start a new day full of energy, to take it easy, and just smile.

3 The nature

This island is filled with different wonders, from beautiful reefs perfect for snorkelling, to rock pools and plunging falls. One of my favourites, and a must-see, is the Sugba Lagoon, not only because of its beauty, but because the trip itself reveals an unexpected view of Siargao from the reef.

4 The food

My favourite hamburgers are of course at Barrel, typical pub burger with delicious patty. If you are a vegetarian, you can also have a great burger at Bravo (and a nice cocktail). Pizza is why this island is famous, and Kermit offers the nicest Jungle-Pizza experience. Just don’t get turned off by the waiting time, simply enjoy their happy hour. If you are not keen on being in the jungle, another good option is Altrove, right on the main road, and it serves delicious wine. Of course, my favourite is always the Pinoy style dinners – some grilled fish from the fishermen’s daily catch, rice and some seaweed. Enjoy!

5 Fashion, yes this island has its own fashion style!


Oh dear, it is on this island fashion is pioneered. From the nicest bikinis, to the hottest one-pieces you would ever see. You can buy great pieces from Wear sundae at Kermit. Cool t-shirts and beachwear for both men and women at Kudosurf. If you are more to the cool side, try Loose keys for some Crtv native apparel, flowers, patterns and colours are their tagline. Get shiny with the jewelry from Golden Monstera, a must-have among the Island beauties and their statement anklets. You really have to get yours.

6 The people, the beautiful souls and their vibes


Siarganons are amazing people. They will always welcome you with a smile and a big heart. This is actually one of my favourite things here, everyone is friendly and happy. Even when the power is out, they know the best spots to do a picnic on the beach and have a good time. They taught me to worry less and laugh more!


This list could go on and on with all the things that I love about this Island, but hey, I don’t need to try so hard to convince you right?

Just go explore! Grab a motorcycle or a bicycle and ride across the island, find secret beaches, stunning views and lovely people. No matter where you go on Siargao, you will always be welcome!

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