Hello, my name is Olivia Pérez.

I am a Mexican surfer, traveler and yoga-fan, who loves other cultures.Traveling is simply my way. I feel alive when I know people from all over the world and discover their points of view and traditions.

Surfing has become the way I stay connected with nature. I try surfing everywhere I go.

Yoga is definitely my path. I love practicing it everywhere and living through it makes me a better person. So, I share this vision with the important people I meet.

With this blog I would like to bring you closer to my passions. I love to find the uniqueness of every single moment and write about it, because looking through simple objects is discovering how time and history are the creators of everything that exists. Besides, I am really interested in communicating how important it is to preserve the oceans and nature in general. Let´s use less plastic and become green!